About Us

With a vast understanding of the issues and challenges of building a successful company with viable products, MesoEngineering was started to assist their customers tackle the tough business and product issues using a grounded systems approach.
CEO and Chief Strategist, David DeRoo has over 20 years developing products as the basis for business growth.  David has studied and applied a broad set of topics from corporate strategy, systems thinking, design for manufacturability, statistics and engineering at Pepperdine, UCCS, UW, UofM, Ford and GM.  His corporate experience spans the largest companies of GM and Ford to the smallest start-ups with several employees.  He founded several companies that were successfully venture funded and was instrumental in launching others.  David has a MBA from Pepperdine University - Presidental and Key Executive Program, an MSEE from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a BSE-Physics from the University of Michigan.  Technically David is a skilled engineer that designed one of the first product silicon-micromachined accelerometers out of school and has since developed over 20 products.  Products developed include airbag accelerometers, pressure sensors, gyros, micros-switches, RF tuners, microphones, scanning mirrors.